With extensive, multi-sport experience, Carl’s background includes physical assessments and programming for UConn’s Division I teams and Fairfield County athletics. His talents, which have been applied to athletes of a variety of sports ranging from baseball to basketball to football, include incorporating elements of biomechanics, movement analysis and prehabilitation.

Carl’s approach to training is rooted heavily in teaching and applying the finer points of technique to achieve tangible gains in performance. He believes in safely and efficiently progressing competitors through sport-specific protocols to excel under their individual sport’s demands.

Fueled by his own drive and ambition to succeed, Carl has personal experience as a Babe Ruth All Star catcher and outfielder, and has held coaching positions with several Fairfield County Little League and Babe Ruth teams. He holds a bachelor’s in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from UConn, as well as being a nationally recognized Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and a Strongman Coach.



With over a decade of personal training and sports performance training experience, Denise has an extensive athletic background that makes her training style ideal for anyone looking to take their performance to the next level. She has spent 11 years playing pro/semi-professional softball and holds the title of All Time Home Run Leader for the Stratford Brakettes. Additionally, her career includes 10 ASA/WMS National Tournament First team All-American appearances and 9 ASA/WMS National Championships.

A NASM certified trainer, Denise specializes in TRX and RIP training, as well as kickboxing, high intensity interval work and bootcamp workouts. She is a former Director of Training and Sports Performance Trainer for Parisi Speed School, and has also served as the Assistant Softball Coach at Yale and Quinnipiac University.


Nick Guarcello

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Accredited Personal Trainer, Nick has a unique approach to physical fitness. He believes in the strong rooted foundation of proper form when exercising. Once good form is achieved, confidence, stamina, and strength gains can follow. He likes to cultivate proper body mechanics for outside the gym as well, because having good posture is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

When Nick isn’t in the gym, you can find him enjoying one of his many hobbies: soccer, lacrosse, snowboarding and rocking climbing.



As a NASM certified trainer with over 10 years of experience in the industry, Ted enjoys working with a variety of clients who are interested in making lasting, impactful changes to their bodies. His specialty includes guiding clients through tangible weight loss in a progressive and effective manner.

Ted’s focus on mobility and flexibility also make him a perfect fit for clients who deal with regular aches and pains, or who suffer the consequences of sitting throughout the day. His additional expertise of kettlebell and TRX training allow him to teach proper form and technique through functional movements that translate seamlessly into his clients’ everyday lives.



Gus is a fitness performance coach who is passionate about his work and the progression of his clients. His background as a physical therapy aid with over 10 years in the industry ensures that he pays exceptional attention to form and function. Furthermore, his extensive knowledge in pre- and post-rehabilitation enables his clients to correct muscular imbalances and recover from injuries.

Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Gus is also Etcheberry certified as a Tennis Performance Coach. His training philosophy includes an emphasis on functional movements in his strength and conditioning programs, which he specifically tailors to individual client goals.


Sabrina Bell

Sabrina found movement early on in her life and has continued to participate in numerous sports and activities, including: tennis, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and parkour. It is through some of her more vigorous activities (and after a few injuries) that she has come to understand the importance of alignment and safety when building strength and flexibility.  

She focuses on functional and foundational movement skills that allow the body to express its full range of motion; exploring movements that increase both  flexibility and strength.  Sabrina constantly looks for new and innovative ways to transfer the skills learned in the gym to the everyday lives we lead outside of the gym.

Jamie B&W_2.jpg


A movement coach who has been involved in the fitness scene since he was 5 years old, Jamie Nischan received a bachelors of science degree in Applied Exercise Sciences from Springfield College, and has since worked as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, martial arts instructor and an obstacle course coach for kids. Jamie's training style contains bouts of practical strength combined with drills that emphasize mobility and control. Some of his favorite tools of the trade include kettlebells, sandbags, clubs, balance beams, yoga and martial arts.



A former professional dancer with a BFA from Fordham University and The Ailey School, Suzanne has spent the past decade shaping various areas of the fitness industry within Fairfield County. Her most recent work has included serving as the Training and Program Director for Chelsea Piers Connecticut, as well as the Health and Fitness Director for the Darien Y.

Suzanne is an Art of Strength certified kettlebell trainer and a level 1 CrossFit trainer, and she also holds a certificate in Holistic Health Coaching from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. She spent several years as a running coach for Team Challenge, a half marathon training program, and is a proud recipient of the Fairfield County Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Award. Additionally, Suzanne’s unique training style has been featured on the Today Show, and her work has been published in Fit Yoga and Dance Magazine.