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Q. Do I need a membership to workout at Upper Deck Fitness?

A. No, because we don’t think a membership should be required to make you feel like you belong. We also don’t believe in using a contract to keep you loyal to us. We understand that life ebbs and flows, and we want you to know we’ll always be here when you need us. You have OUR word.


Q. Do I have to follow the plan you provide for me?

A. You don’t HAVE to do anything. Our prescription for you is just that – our customized, professional recommendation for the safest, most effective way to help you reach your goals. Whether you adhere to it or not, is up to you.


Q. So I can just drop in when I want? Or change things up from week to week?

A. Of course! That’s specifically why we offer flexibility via our drop-in option. Use us for what you need, when you need it. Just know that your level of commitment will have a direct impact on the quality of your results.


Q. Why don’t you provide bulk packaging on private services like training or massage?

A. Good question! There are two reasons: 1) We want to give our clients the financial flexibility to not have to submit a large lump sum up front to enjoy their services, and 2) It’s our goal to keep our rates as competitively priced as possible, so we’ve worked the discount directly into our per-session rate.