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I have belonged to many gyms but UDF is a keeper. Suzanne and the staff are truly interested in you as a whole person including physically and emotionally. Besides working around my various injuries, I am now approaching taking care of myself from a whole new perspective.
— Pam H.

If you are looking for a different gym experience then you are in the right place. Upper Deck is all about classes are fantastic, yet personal , and personal training truly is personal. So refreshing to go to a gym where trainers are fully engaged without constantly looking at phones - I think you guys are onto something phenomenal so can’t wait to see where this goes
— Deirdre M.
Upper Deck Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. It has energized me, it has given me endurance and flexibility for golf and tennis and provided more confidence in all areas of my life. UDF is not a workout facility, it isn’t a nutrition center—-it is a life changing home
— Ed

Every time I walk through the doors at Upper Deck, I cross paths with someone who makes my day better. The staff provides top notch training and support, hands down, the best around.
— Heather C.

Upper Deck is a gym where everyone feels equally welcome and where the entire UDF team have YOUR best interests at heart. It is the place to be.
— John W.

I’m wearing a dress to work that I haven’t been able to for over 4 years. That’s thanks to you and the Upper Deck team! So happy with the results we’ve achieved with you all.
— Kerri H.

Thank you for making me physically as well as mentally stronger. You guys are amazing and I am so grateful to have found you.
— Johanna A.