Located on the Saugatuck River in beautiful downtown Westport, this is UDF’s location for offering private training and intimate-sized classes in a boutique setting. Clients receive customized programs and individual attention to ensure proper progress is being made, all while remaining the proximity to the energy and convenience of Westport’s shopping and restaurant scene. Please see below for schedule and parking information.




classes officially start november 27, however you can try any of our classes

for free the week of november 13th. click the link below to register!

classes are restricted to 8 people, so Advanced registration is required.

to register for a class, click here and click on the classes tab

UDF Westport Schedule Oct 2017.jpg

Available amenities at: Westport

  • Private training floor
  • Designated studio for all Strength and Mind/Body classes
  • Private showers and changing areas
  • Parking: there are limited spots in front of the gyM. in the event that those are all taken, parking is available on the second level of the national hall parking garage located directly across the street