Welcome to UDF Stamford

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A 7,000 sq.-ft. facility located in the Springdale Neighborhood of Stamford, UDF’s home base specializes in private and group training, nutrition, massage and athletic training. The location has been recognized as both a Best of the Gold Coast and Best of Stamford fitness studio for 2016 and 2017, respectively, with options abounding for the entire family and all age groups to train safely and effectively.


Available amenities at Stamford:


  • Fully equipped gym and Performance Turf

  • Prescribed Fitness plans offered for every client

  • Area's only provider of LIFT virtual training sessions

  • Unparalleled athletic training addressing specific skills and sports

  • 3 Separate studios, including a designated Mind/Body and athletic training studio

  • Pilates reformer and chair training

  • 2 Private massage rooms

  • Showers