Welcome to #UNATION.

Where YOU Belong.

Because there are a million and one reasons NOT to workout.

 Because life is always getting in the way.

 Because gyms are intimidating and you don’t know where to start.

 But you do know that something has GOT to change.

UDF is proud to introduce #UNation, a community of interactive, live-stream classes

that allow you to enjoy the UDF experience wherever you choose.

Workout in the privacy of your own home, while on the road, or wherever you need

all while having your own UDF coach’s eyes on YOU. 

That’s right. Not only are you following a live, award-winning UDF workout,

but you will be guided by your own “virtual coach,”who will be watching you

the entire time, ensuring that you’re moving safely and – ahem – not cheating (wink wink).


Click here to read some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our live stream classes.

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to sign up for a live stream class, click here.

To access the UDF live stream studio, click here.

to be clicked on at time of class, once you’ve registered for your workout

Ready to jump in? Click here for next steps about joining #UNation 

Review our policy for registering and cancelling a live stream class here.

What people are saying;

I love the accountability of getting my butt kicked and seeing familiar faces. #UNation
For a Mom of two with a husband who travels often, this is the perfect opportunity for me to stay healthy, strong and take time for myself. #UNation
Wow. Just wow. Your live-stream experience blew my mind. #UNation