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Why Us

Whether you’ve worked out habitually or never before.

Whether you’re feeling inspired or need someone to spark a fire underneath you.

Whether you’ve seen results in the past or have a newfound goal.

Welcome to Upper Deck Fitness.

If you’re here, it likely means you’re looking to take life to the next level. And that’s good, because that’s what we do.

We’re Here. And We’re Different. Here’s Why:

We are a full-service training facility specializing in private and group training, nutrition, massage and athletic training. We want to know what you’re looking to achieve. We want to grasp what’s standing in your way of reaching your goals. So we apologize in advance for asking a lot of questions, but a clear understanding of what makes you tick is only going to help us help you.

We’re going to give you a detailed plan to follow, answering the what, when and why of how to be a better you. And then we’re going to collaborate as a team to make sure you’re moving forward. You can and should expect the accountability needed to help you accomplish all you’ve set out to do.

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