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At Upper Deck Fitness, we believe no athlete is properly prepared to compete without thorough guidance on how to take care of his or her body. That is why we’re proud to offer Upper Deck Athletics, an unparalleled assortment of sport- and skill-specific programs designed to take performance to the next level.

Whether you are a parent of a student athlete or a coach of a team, we have options to address your needs. Directed by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, our programs assure that athletes are progressed safely and in a manner that is conducive to their specific goals.

Address your specific physical and seasonal needs.
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Offering top level coaching for all ages and sport,
our prescription delivers exactly what your athlete needs to succeed:



Experience a personalized training program like no other. Starting with a complimentary assessment and functional movement screening, our goal is to transform every weakness into strengths.

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Grab some teammates and experience specialized private training within a group setting.

Our performance coaches are prepared to implement exclusive training progressions for all competitive sports throughout the entire year!

Training scheduled at your convenience for an affordable rate.

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