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Group Training

At Upper Deck Fitness, we’re firm believers in the importance of variety. That’s why we offer a little bit of everything and encourage our clients to have a little bit of everything in their routine.

We also don’t think you should be one amongst the masses in a class packed to the brim. Our trainings keep the emphasis on you – and your safety – by maintaining a small client to instructor ratio (no more than 10 clients to one instructor). So you get to enjoy the personal attention of a private session while having the energy provided by a group.

Treat yourself to Prescribed Fitness with unlimited access to all of our group trainings for $150 a month, or just take what you need when you need it, for a drop-in rate of $20.

No membership or contract required.

Pure Power

A strength-based option designed to improve muscular endurance.  Clients will be progressed through a variety of exercises using their own body weight, free weights, medicine balls, bars, ropes and kettlebells.  Critical for weight loss, those looking to lose body fat or anyone looking for more energy in their day to day.


Utilizing a method known as suspension training, these offerings leverage the clients’ own body weight with resistance to develop strength, flexibility, balance and core stability. All exercises are scalable, making it ideal for any fitness level, including beginners or those who may be recovering from an injury.

Pure Sweat

A fast-paced option designed to improve cardiovascular endurance. Clients can expect circuits and interval work incorporating running, jumping compound movements and core exercises. Breaks are minimal and sweating is guaranteed.


A popular form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), tabata workouts feature short bursts of fast, high-energy movements followed by a minimal recovery period. Incredibly effective for improving your performance with endurance events, developing strength and burning major calories.


Part core workout, part mobility session, these classes are designed to diminish aches and pains while strengthening the midsection to prevent injury.  Ideal as a recovery activity or to wake up the body.  Participants will find themselves standing taller and having more energy throughout the rest of the day.


A physical fitness system often used in the training of dancers and gymnasts, pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops the core. A series of floor exercises will teach you how to properly support your body through your “center.” Excellent work for establishing a mind/body connection.


A ballet-based workout featuring a combination of mat and standing exercises using a ballet barre to provide support. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their posture and balance, while simultaneously looking to work the muscles of the legs, butt and core.


Improve your flexibility and experience diminished aches and pains with this ancient practice incorporating sequential stretches and poses. Suitable for all levels, these offerings allow the client to create synergy between body and mind. Also ideal for recovery following an intense or strenuous workout.

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